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Information Literacy and Library Instruction: Overview

Information Literacy

BCIT  Library offers information literacy training to support learning, teaching and research. Information Literacy courses are delivered both:

  • Synchronously - Course-integrated library workshops developed by the Liaison Librarians to meet the learning objectives of each course.
  • Asynchronously/ Self-Paced Learning – online delivery via the Digital Literacy Modules on the Learning Hub, the Library Research Guides (program-specific library guides to identify sources for assignments) and Research videos.

Best practice has shown that information literacy skills are best developed within the context of academic programmes.

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." (American Library Association, 2016).

Why Information Literacy?

Information literacy develops skills which benefit students in all disciplines. These skills are essential when searching for appropriate and credible sources. The Librarians create program specific instructional sessions that focus on various aspects of information literacy. Such sessions include:

  • locating and using information (articles, books, etc.)
  • critical thinking,
  • Evaluating sources, what is an appropriate source
  • research skills,
  • broad knowledge of available resources
  • Managing citations

How to Request a Library Instruction class?

The BCIT Librarians teach research skills classes for students at the request of the course instructor. The classes are available for booking throughout the year.

  • Find Your Liaison Librarian -- Please contact the Librarian at least a week in advance to request your session. Librarians have taught weekend and night classes, but may require longer advance notice to adjust staff schedules.
  • Email the Librarian the date/time, and number of students -- Please schedule your session during a research assignment. Ideally students should have chosen their topic before the session.
  • Provide a copy of your class assignment, including the types of sources required
  • Meet with the Librarian to collaborate -- A librarian, working with a course instructor, can design a class presentation that promotes information literacy, based on the goals and objectives of the course, and that helps the students become stronger researchers.

Length of class: The classes are two-hour hands-on or shorter 50 minute introductory sessions, and are customized based on the needs of the students. We can also drop into your class for a 10 -20 minutes session on how to use a specialized database or tool.

Library Instruction Statistics

COVID-19 made a difference in our numbers!

Total number of sessions taught: 147

Number of students taught:  5,236 (reflects students attending multiple sessions)undefined

Total number of sessions taught: 210

Number of students taught:  7,053 (reflects students attending multiple sessions)