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Global Leadership: Analysis & Research

Resources to support research for the Grad Certificate in Global Leadership

Key Databases for Global Leadership

Books & Ebooks

Use the following Subject Heading links to discover Books, eBooks, Journals and more on your topic.

Google Scholar

You can access BCIT Library's online articles via Google Scholar :

From the Google Scholar homepage, select the 'hamburger' menu in the top left. Select Settings.

From Settings, click on Library links.

From the Search Box, search for 'BCIT' and select 'BCIT - Find full text @ BCIT' and click save.

When you search Google Scholar, you will see a 'FIND full-test @BCIT' link next to various articles which indicates that they are available via BCIT subscribed e-content.

Note that to retain these settings, you will need to enable your browser's cookies.



GLBL 9100 In-Class Activity

1. Divide different information needs between colleagues in your group.

2. Look at the resource descriptions and decide the most likely source of information on this Research Guide for the needed information.

3. Search for that information and be ready to discuss the following about the resource you used.

What subject area(s) does it cover?

What type of material does it include? (scholarly journals, books, magazines, etc.)

What is the date range and geographic coverage of the material?

Is it easy to search?

Is there an advanced search function?

Are there any special features of this database? (e.g. citation creator)



Featured Ebooks

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