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Board games at BCIT Library

Borrowing Information

All games are available for a 7 day loan. 

If your desired game is not available, you may request a hold on the item. Simply click on the Game Title (in tabbed section, not all games) or type in the name of the game in the Library catalog and click on the "Request" at the top of the record. Log-in is required if you haven't done so already.  You will be notified via email when the game is ready for pick up.

Not enough time to play while on campus or would like to take them home?  See Borrowing Materials Information or library staff for more details.


All board games are available for 7 day loan


Games # of Players

Time to Play


Genre Links
Apples to Apples 4-10 30 Party, Card Rules
Are You a Werewolf? 7-16 20-60 Party, Deduction, Mystery Rules

Axis & Allies & Zombies

2-5 60-180 Strategy Rules


30-45 Strategy, Puzzle Rules
Camel Up 3-8 30 Family, Dice, Racing Rules
Carcassone 2-5 30-45 Strategy, City Building Rules
Catacombs (3rd edition) 2-5 60-90 RPG, Dexderity Rules
Catan: Family Edition 3-10 60-90 Strategy, Family Rules
Chess 2   Strategy Rules
Clue: Card Game 3-4   Card, Deduction, Mystery Rules


2-8 15 Party, Card, Deduction Rules
Coup: The Dystopian Universe 2-6 15 Party, Card, Deduction Rules
Daybreak 1-4 60-90 Cooperative, Problem Solving Rules
Dixit 3-6 30 Party, Card Rules
Dominion 2-4 30 Strategy, Card, Medieval Rules
Double 6 Dominoes 2-4 20 Strategy Rules
Dungeon Mayhem 2-4 10 Party, Card Rules
Dutch Blitz 2-4 1-15 Party, Card Rules
EVEMS: Electric Vehicle Energy Management Simulation 2-4   Card, Strategy  
Exploding Kittens 2-5 15 Party, Card Rules
Forbidden Island : Adventure 2-4 30 Family, Adventure, Fantasy Rules
Hanabi 2-5 30 Party, Deduction, Mystery Rules
I-Go 2-4 30 Party, Card, Pirates  
Lisboa 1-4 60-120 Strategy, City Building Rules
Love Letter 2-6 20 Party, Card, Deduction Rules
Love Letter: Batman 2-6 20 Party, Card, Deduction Rules
Love Letter: Court the Royal Princess of Tempest 2-6 20 Party, Card, Deduction Rules
Minute Challenge 2+   Party  
Monopoly 2-5 60-180 Family, Party, Economic Rules
Monopoly : Deal 2-5 15 Family, Party, Economic Rules
Munchkin 3-6 60-120 Party, Card, Fantasy Rules
Mysterium 2-7 45 Family, Deduction, Mystery Rules
Nautical Trivia 2-12   Nautical, Racing, Trivia  
Pandemic: A Game by Matt Leacock 2-4 45 Strategy, Cooperative Rules
Power Grid 2-6 120 Strategy, Economic Rules
Saboteur 3-10 30 Party, Card, Fantasy Rules
Scopa 2-6 30 Family, Card, Memory Rules
Scrabble 2-4 90 Family, Word Rules
Skip-Bo 2-6 20 Family, Card, Memory Rules
Taboo 4+ 15 Party Rules
The Quest for El Dorado 2-4 30-60 Family, Adventure Rules
Ticket to Ride 2-5 30-60 Family, Party, Strategy, Trains Rules
Timeline (Canada) 2-6 15 Card, Trivia  
Timeline (Classic) 2-6 15 Card, Trivia  
Uno 2-10 30 Party, Card Rules
Unstable Unicorns 2-8 30-45 Party, Card, Humor
UpWords 4-6 90 Party, Family, Word Rules
Welcome to Your Perfect Home 1-100 25 Family, City Building Rules
What Do You Meme? 3-20+ 30-90 Party Rules
Would You Rather? 3 20 Party, Voting Rules
Yahtzee! 2-10 30 Family, Dice Rules