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Human Resources

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The field of human resource leadership and management is broadly described as decisions and activities involving individuals or groups of individuals that are designed to influence the effectiveness of employees and the organization. It is fundamentally about the employment relationship and relationship management—a practitioner’s ability to influence others, manage the people side of change, inspire and develop individuals, reconcile conflict, and work with others toward an end.

The term employee relations refers to the direct employer-employee relationship. Labour relations refers to the workings of the continuous relationship between a group of employees (represented by a union) and an employer. The terms and conditions of employment, and the consequent processes or practices that define these terms, exist in both union and non-union workplaces.  

-from Finlayson, H.J. (2022). When Things Happen at Work: People, Circumstances, and What to Do Now—A Practitioner’s Best Practices Compendium (Friesen Press).

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