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Mining & Mineral Exploration: Maps

BC Topographic and TRIM Maps

1:50,000 NTS topographic maps

Discover which NTS map you need by going to  BC Geographic Names

  • Search for the name of a city, river or mountain and discover its latitude & longitude and which NTS map it appears on.

Alternatively, refer to the NTS index that is in the top of the first drawer of 1:50:000 NTS maps

1:20,000 Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) topographic maps

We have these maps from roughly the Fraser Valley up to Whistler.

You can find the number of the map you need by searching the GEOBC Topographic Base Map.

Websites - BC Maps & Data

Websites - Canadian Maps

Other Maps

Country maps, regional maps, road maps, thematic maps, soil survey maps.

  • Use advanced search to find the call numbers of these maps.
  • Enter your keyword (e.g. Chilliwack)
  • Select Map from the content type box
  • Click Search

Websites - International Maps & Collections

The Collection

BCIT's Map Collection is housed in cabinets on the third floor of the Burnaby Campus Library. Maps can be checked out for 2 days.