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Interculturalization at BCIT: Teaching & Curriculum: Home

Resources for instructors and staff who want to better understand and work with students and colleagues in our increasingly diverse institute.


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Welcome to our Interculturalization At BCIT Research Guide! Please look through the links, videos, resources and research related to intercultural teaching and learning topics. Our classes are increasingly diverse as a result of more interactions between our growing populations of international, indigenous, newcomer, and heritage culture domestic students. The collection of resources within this research guide will continue to grow so that BCIT instructors have greater access to tools they can use to innovate how they create learning and supports for all of our students.

Upcoming Events

Academic Supports & Policies - Oct 10, 12-12:30 Online

This workshop is designed to inform international students of the various academic supports available to give the best chance of success at BCIT, as well as a basic overview of academic policies at BCIT including what to do if you wish to dispute any of your marks.


Intercultural Conflict and Our Students - Nov 21, 2:00-3:00 Townsquare

Our students come from a wide range of culturally diverse backgrounds and styles in how they study in groups, teams and as peers. It is normal for us to anticipate conflicts between students when they are working to complete their work with our busy and tight timelines. This session will introduce a useful intercultural conflict styles framework that instructors can use to better understand and use with students when they are working through the kinds of conflicts they encounter as part of their lives at BCIT.

Also, check out our Intercultural at BCIT Loop page.