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Architecture: Journal Articles

Select Online Databases

Use any of the following databases to find articles and/or information on or related to architecture:

Tips for Searching Online Databases

When you are searching with multiple keywords or search terms:

  • "and" means both terms must show up in your results = fewer results
  • "or" means either term must show up in your results = more results
  • "not" means that therm must not show up in your results = fewer results

Consider limiting your search by:

  • full-text only
  • date
  • peer reviewed or scholarly publications


Select eJournals

Select Print Journals

You will find these print journals on the Main Floor of the Burnaby Campus Library. Journals are arranged alphabetically by title. Current issues of journals are shelved at the front (or west end) of the Main Floor of Burnaby Campus Library.

Core Periodicals list from AASL