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Chemical and Environmental Technology: Websites

Using Google Advanced Search

Use Google Advanced search techniques to find government reports online.

Limit your results to a specific site by adding site: followed by a site or domain name to the search box. You can't limit to multiple site, this must be done one site at a time. Examples of sites where you may find relevant information include: - US Food and Drug Administration - US Environmental Protection Agency - US Center for Disease Control - Government of Canada Chemical Substances website - Natural Resources Canada - BC ministry of environment - Health Canada - World Health Organization - United Nations

Example: to find information on e-cigarettes published by the World Health Organization, you could enter the following terms in the Google search box:


If you want to further limit your results try limiting to pdf format by typing filetype:pdf - many reports are published in pdf.

e-cigarettes filetype:pdf


Evaluating Sources

Is this information source good enough to use for your academic assignment. Things to consider: 

Currency / Relevance / Authority / Accuracy / Purpose

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