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Chemical and Environmental Technology: Finding Journal Articles


Google Scholar

Tips for Searching Online Databases

Search more than one database to improve your chances.

Brainstorm keywords first. Identify the different concepts in your topic and think of different ways of describing them.

When you are searching with multiple keywords or search terms:

  • "and" means both terms must show up in your results = fewer results
  • "or" means either term must show up in your results = more results
  • "not" means that the term must not show up in your results = fewer results

Consider limiting your search by:

  • full-text only
  • date
  • peer reviewed or scholarly publications

Check for a Cited References link to find related articles.

**note: many of the databases are unforgiving with spelling mistakes; 

Within some databases you can use the Cite button to get a properly formatted citation for an article.

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