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Research Data: Getting Started

What is Research Data?

Research Data is data that is used as primary sources to support technical or scientific enquiry, research, scholarship, or creative practice.

Research data may be experimental data, observational data, operational data, third party data, public sector data, monitoring data, processed data, or repurposed data. 

Adapted from the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy.

Research Data Support at BCIT Library

This guide provides information and resources for using best practices in dealing with Research Data.

  • Finding Data: Where to find existing data to use in your research.
  • Research Data Management: The collection, organization, documentation, and storage of research data. Check this section if you need help with Data Management Plans.
  • Data Storage & Repositories: Where to store and share your data long-term.

You can find BCIT's Research Data Management Strategy on the Applied Research website.

If you have questions or need additional research data help, please get in touch.