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Motive Power: Annacis Island Campus: Job search

Resources for programs that train heavy-duty mechanics, transport trailer mechanics, diesel mechanics, commercial transportation mechanics, railway conductors and forklift operators.

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Using job services


  • What services does the Student Employment Services offer?
  • When is the next BCIT Careers Fair?
  • What are some strategies for taking advantage of job services?

Job Search Sites

Most of these sites allow you to filter results by locations, company, salary, etc.

BCIT Student Employment Services has an extensive list of job-search engines.

WARNING! Online risks:  Always BE CAREFUL when considering posting or uploading your resume to an online employment website (i.e., jobs aggregator). Resumes contain personal information that could potentially be circulated. In the worst case, your personal information could even potentially be used to perpetrate identity theft.

  • When asked to create an account, always use a unique ID and password that you DON'T also use for other online accounts (such as banking)
  • NEVER respond to employment websites that ask you for any kind of personal financial information or commitment
  • Whenever possible, try to MAKE DIRECT CONTACT with a company that is offering a job online to ensure that the job posting is legitimate
  • Watch Tips to Avoid Identity Theft
  • Bookmark a variety of jobs websites; set up email alerts and/or RSS feeds so that you don't miss relevant jobs (and so you don't have to redo your legwork every time you're inclined to do a job search)
  • Read job descriptions carefully. What qualifications/attributes/competencies in the description do you have?

Identifying Potential Employers

These directories will help you identify targets for cold calls or information interviews. Remember that most jobs are never posted!

Business in Vancouver Book of Lists

Information interviews


  • What is an information interview? What is its purpose?
  • How do you set up and prepare for an information interview?
  • What are some other tips for conducting an information interview?

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