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Open Education

Interested in developing an Open project? 

BCIT has an open education grants program.

BCcampus provides funding for open education initiatives.

Video: Instructor Highlight - Chad Flinn, BCIT

"It just allows us to be way more creative with our teaching. We're no longer just having to lecture, going off the textbooks and notes that we have, we can involve the students in the co-creation". - Chad Flinn, BCIT Instructor

Transform Your Teaching with Open Pedagogy

Video: "Open Dialogues - How to Engage and Support Students in Open Pedagogies" (UBC)

"For David Gaertner, it is important that his students have the opportunity to create work with a broader impact, that can live beyond the classroom walls. 'A big part of my pedagogy is getting students to think outside the limitations of the university,' explains Gaertner, an instructor in First Nations and Indigenous Studies". 

Practical tips for making the font, colour, links, and other OER choices accessibile to everyone.

A fantastic review of OEP, including its impact and challenges. 

"Engaging students with OEP may motivate students to become engaged in the learning process... [by] involving them as contributors, collaborators, partners, knowledge creators, and reviewers (Nel, 2017)". Paskevicius, M. (2017). Conceptualizing Open Educational Practices through the Lens of Constructive Alignment. Open Praxis, 9(2), 125-140. doi:

Tools for Bringing OER to the Classroom