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Medical Radiography: Books

Finding books

Finding books

The BCIT Library has a selection of print and ebooks relating to your discipline.

First Search is the BCIT Library search engine and a good place to start. It simultaneously searches the Library's book collection, many full text journal articles, reports, DVDs, and electronic resources.


The asterisk is the wild card character e.g. regulat* will find regulation, regulatory, regulate...

Or Search the Classic Catalog.

**If you're searching for articles on a topic, you'll want to search a database which is more focused on health sciences than First Search is. Here is a list of some full text databases.**


If you want to browse the Library's shelves in the 3rd floor for books, videos, and journals dealing with radiography, you will want to locate the call numbers below:

 QM Human Anatomy
 R   121 Medical Dictionary 
 R-RC General Medicine
 RC 78 Medical Radiography
 RC 78.4 Radiography, Medical -- Positioning
 RC 936
Head & Neck Imaging 
 RC 944
Abdomen Imaging 
 RG 493


Open Textbook Library: "Open textbooks are real, complete textbooks licensed so teachers and students can freely use, adapt, and distribute the material. Open textbooks can be downloaded for no cost, or printed inexpensively."


 Anatomy and Physiology.



The 2 part course below is based on this book.

The course "integrates the anatomy and physiology of cells, tissues, organs, the systems of the human body, and the mechanisms of homeostasis. It includes the study of the gross and microscopic structure of the systems of the human body with special emphasis on the relationship between structure and function."

 Anatomy and Physiology I


 Anatomy and Physiology II

Borrowing From Other Libraries