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Electroneurophysiology: Multimedia

Streaming Videos

  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) videos -- Videos on clinical medicine and more
  • Kanopy -- Popular, and world films and documentaries
  • Open Educational Resources created by BC post-secondary faculty and staff Open Access -- Available at BCcampus
  • Criterion on demand -- Criterion-on-Demand is a streaming video collection that includes a large number of feature film producers, including, but not limited to: Paramount Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Mongrel Media, Sony Pictures Classics, Alliance Films, Miramax Films, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate Films, The Weinstein Company, as well as a smaller number of independent producers. The title selections include 1920 classics, new releases, foreign films, literary adaptations, documentaries, animated titles, and independent features.   Permissions include - in-class showings; making clips, linking and embedding in the Learning Hub.   Not available for social showings outside of class. Individual viewing only.
  • Films on Demand collection. -- Nursing streaming videos
  • ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health: -- Contains a diverse mix of resources, including clinical training videos.
  • Health Videos: MedlinePlus Open Access -- "These animated videos show the anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them."
  • Indigenous Studies Streaming Playlist - First Contact -- First Contact takes six Canadians on a 28-day journey intended to challenge these attitudes and shed a light on the true Indigenous experience. The travelers, all with strong opinions about Indigenous people, have been invited to leave their everyday lives behind and embark on a unique journey, travelling deep into the Indigenous communities throughout Canada.
  • Medcom, Inc. A series of short videos on a wide range of topics from wound care to assessment of respiratory distress to the fundamentals of hand washing.
  • Safetyhub -- SafetyCare streamed video covering a wide selection of topics

Brain: Teaching Modules

Brain: Teaching Modules

"Video teaching modules for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 32 video modules (from 5 to 20 minutes in length) and guide."

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  • Brain and Behavior
  • Neurocritic
    "This blog is written by an American neuroscience commentator and contains articles that informally summarise and evaluate neuroscientific research, particularly where such research raises methodological issues. The site provides an archive and links to further resources." [description from Intute]
  • Neurodojo
  • Neuroscience Blog
    "a weblog about molecules, minds and everything in between. Easily accessible articles about all aspects of neuroscience, to improve public understanding of it.."
  • Neuroscience News Forums
    "Neuroscience Forums for Neuroscience Students and Neuroscientists. Discuss everything Neuroscience: Books, Jobs, Research, etc."
  • Scientific American Blog
  • A blog on the brain
  • Wiring the Brain
    "This blog highlights and comments on current research and hypotheses relating to how the brain wires itself up during development, how the end result can vary in different people and what happens when it goes wrong. It includes discussions of the genetic and neurodevelopmental bases of traits such as intelligence and personality characteristics, as well as of conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, synaesthesia and others."