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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning : Funding
& Grants

Research at BCIT

Funding for Students

Presentation by S. Satoglu & J. Morrison

Funding Sources at BCIT written by Manu Gill around March 2015

Instructional Development Committee  for all funding info related to 1-4 below

International Mobility Fund (IMF)  for international teaching/research funding info related to 5 below


  1.  Special interest grant: $2500-3000
    1. This is what we will apply for for Scholarship Day
    2. $2500 total for speakers and gifts etc.  Can ask for an additional $500 for catering (this is on top of the $2500).
    3. No deadline
  2. Instructional Development:  $10,000
    1. Grant value = up to $10,000
    2. Deadline is mid-March every year
    3. Can only be used for development that is outside what the SOHS can provide
    4. Ex. Course changes that are new/advanced – for example, CC Nursing applied for this when they were trying to implement iPads into their teaching.  The grant doesn’t pay for the equipment, rather it pays for the time/resources required to implement the project. 
  3. Trek Grant:  $1000-$2000
    1. For attending, presenting at conference
    2. $1000 for attending conference, $1500 for attending and poster presentation, $2000 for attending and conference presentation
    3. Deadline: At least 15 days prior to event
  4. Tuition Reimbursement:  $full tuition
    1. PIDP – is paid for in full by tuition reimbursement
    2. You pay the tuition, once you pass, the tuition is fully reimbursed
  5. International Funding:  $5000
    1. For teaching and/or research endevours outside of Canada
    2. Ex. A SOHS teacher received a $5000 international grant to run a mobile health clinical in El Salvador
    3. Deadline is mid March and October of each year

Resource People

  1. Michelle Kearns – can help orient applications
  2. Tammy Hardie – can help with international funding information only
  3. Scott Hagan – can help answer questions