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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning : Writing

Style books

"In research writing, sources are cited for two reasons: to alert readers to the sources of your information and to give credit to the writers from whom you have borrowed words and ideas."    Hacker, D. (1995). A writer's reference. Boston: St. Martin's Press. (p.260)

BCIT Citation Styles guides with examples 

Purdue OWL side-by-side Citation Style Chart, comparing the three most widely used citation styles (APA, MLA, and Chicago).

Below is a list of books at the BCIT Library:

Store Articles / Online reference managers

Recommended bookmarking tools for storing articles and citations/references and for creating bibliographies or reference lists.

They are all web based. 

Also, your reference list can be easily shared with your colleagues.

Academic Fraud/Plagiarism

Google Docs