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ISEP (International Student Entry): Reading & Listening

For English as a Second Language Learners and Faculty.

Reading and Listening

Reading and listening are probably the two language skills you will practice the most at BCIT. Here is a selection of resources that will help you develop successful strategies for handling all the information you will have to process and apply in your coursework. 

Reading & listening at BCIT Library

Listening and notetaking

Need extra practice? The most famous listening resource is probably Ted Talks: . However, don’t just listen randomly. Instead, choose by “Topic,” then click “Sort By” so you can choose by type of talk, e.g. persuasive, informative. This will help you see how speakers organize and present their ideas depending on the purpose of their talk.

Of course, most Ted Talks are valuable models for giving effective presentations, too.

Listening and interpersonal communication

For more resources on communicating successfully in group work at BCIT, check out this page in the Library's study skills guide.

Reading and notetaking

Reading speed development

Increasing your reading speed will not only save you time; it will actually improve your learning.


Just as the Cornell system works very well for listening, the SQ3R method works well for reading. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review, and it is a comprehensive way to develop reading skills and study. 

Annotating text

Annotating your text is a good way to study and develop language skills. As long as you are taking notes in English, it also saves you time by avoiding translation. To make sure that your notes are useful later, you need to come up with a way to organize them. Try formatting your annotations like this:

Reading professionally and academically

For more resources on reading successfully at BCIT, check out this page in the Library's study skills guide.

And don't forget that reading well means reading more. BCIT Library has a growing collection of popular reading, including graphic novels, for your enjoyment.