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Civil Engineering: Standards & Laws

Standards Collections

Canadian Electrical Code

You can find the Canadian Electrical Code in the database CSA Online: Canadian Standards Association.

If you are off-campus, login when prompted using your BCIT credentials.

This database is tricky to use.

A sample search for entire parts of the Canadian Electrical code:

  • click on My Library  
  • in search box enter: Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (25th Edition)  
  • click on CSA C22.1:21 link 
  • click on the second CSA C22 1:21 link
  • click on view online

A sample of how to find parts of the Canadian Electrical code

  • click on my library
  • use left sidebar subject area
  • click on show more
  • use the down arrow icon to open dropdown menu
  • use the down arrow icons to open up sub-categories including Electrical Code parts
  • click on the part you want to view 
  • click on the link in the result list
  • click on the link for the year you want to view
  • click view online

To view documents, use the "View Online" button. PDF download is not available at this time.

Building Codes

Occupational Health and Safety

Canadian enviroOSH Legislation: "Health and safety acts and regulations, .... codes of practice and guidelines for Canadian federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions."

OHS Regulation & Related Materials"The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation contains legal requirements that must be met by all workplaces under the inspection jurisdiction of WorkSafeBC. Many sections of the Regulation have associated guidelines and policies." from WorkSafeBC website

Construction Law

CanLII: Canadian court decisions, provincial court decisions, case law and legislation.