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Company/Industry/Consumer: Company Information

One pagers on finding company/industry and consumer information


  • You will have more success finding information on a company that is large and public than one that is small and private
  • You may find useful tidbits in articles
  • Don't overlook the company's website - but remember they will likely have only the positive info
  • You may find company info in an industry report

Types of Documents

These can provide you with a lot of company information:

SWOT Analyses - Strenths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; created by market research companies 

Annual Reports - audited financial statements, company history; produced by the company; public companies must provide these to comply with regulations

Company Profiles - information including a company overview, financials, key people, competitors; created by maket research companies

Industry Codes

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and SICS (Standard Industry Classification System) codes are used in some of the business databases. They can provide another point of access to information.

Look up NAICS codes here.

Look up SICS codes here.

Creating Lists of Companies

Both Statista and Simply Analytics can be used to create lists of companies in a specific industry.

Statista contains information on companies worldwide, Simply Analytics contains information on Canadian companies.

SWOTS and Reports

Financial Information

Recommended Websites: Publicly Traded Companies

Visuals & Charts

Directory Info - Address, # of Employees, Sales, etc