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Company/Industry/Consumer: Industry Info

One pagers on finding company/industry and consumer information


  • If you are having trouble finding an industry report, glean what you can from articles and websites.
  • Look for company reports & SWOTS for major companies in the industry.
  • Look at the industry's suppliers, buyers and other related industries.
  • Find information through associations and organizations - try a Google search with a product or industry keyword combined with "assocation" or "organization"

Be Careful

There are a lot of vendors on the internet offering reports on almost any industry for big $$$ - these aren't necessarily reliable.

Scan the information that is available for free and see how you can expand on it, for instance if they show a list of top five companies see if you can find information on those companies on the web and in the library databases.

Industry Codes

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and SICS (Standard Industry Classification System) codes are used in some of the business databases. They can provide another point of access to information.

Look up NAICS codes here.

Look up SICS codes here.

Industry Reports & SWOTS

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