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Why you need to cite

If you use other people's ideas you want to give credit to them by referring to them. This process is called citing. You cite each item in two places.  In your report you give a short in-text citation after you refer to an article, book, blog, etc. AND at the end of your report .  At the end of your report you create a list of all the items you used in your report under the heading, Reference List.

There are many styles of citation.  BCIT School of Business usually uses the American Psychological Association (APA) Style. See box on this page entitled, BCIT APA Style Guides.

If you don't cite you are devaluing your academic integrity.  If you are caught not citing that is considered plagiarism. It can have severe consequences .

Look at the two videos on plagiarism below

How to Cite - Videos


Reference List.  A reference list is made up of citations of material used in your report. It is at the end of your research paper. 

(What is a Citation.  A citation gives the information needed to find the full-text of an article in a journal, newspaper or website.)



Here is an example using the 7th ed. 

                                                     Reference List

Book Example  in APA style:with no doi:

Hird, K. F. (2000).  Offset lithographic technology. Goodheart-Willcox Company.       


 Article Example in APA style with doi::

Taik-Min, L., Jae-Ho, N., Inyoung, K., Dong-Soo, K., & Sangki, C. (2010). Reliability of gravure  offset printing under various printing conditions. Journal of Applied Physics, 108(10). https://doi:10.1063/1.3510466


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