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Environmental Public Health / Health Inspector: Books

Find books

First Search is the BCIT Library search engine and a good place to start. 

It simultaneously searches the Library's book collection, many full text journal articles, reports, DVDs, and electronic resources.



**If you're searching for articles on a topic, you'll want to search a database which is more focused on health sciences than First Search is. Here is a list of some full text databases.**

Selected Book Titles

Most books related to Public Health are located in the RA call number section on the 3rd floor. Additional material is found in other call number ranges. Here are some call numbers (a unique group of letters and numbers given to each item in the library according to its subject area)::

Public health. Hygiene. Preventive medicine

Environmental Health  RA565-600
Food safety  RA 601
Pools & spas, public carriers, buildings, etc.  RA 606 616
Immunity and immunization  RA 638
Transmission of disease  RA 639-642
Disease (Communicable & noninfectious) and public health   RA643-645
Home health care services  RA 645.3
Emergency medical services  RA 645.5
Epidemics. Epidemiology. Quarantine. Disinfection  RA648.5-767
Mental health. Mental illness prevention  RA790-790.5


Below are some basic subject headings that can be used in the catalogue to find environmental public health related books at BCIT:


Borrowing From Other Libraries -- if BCIT doesn't have it