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Environmental Public Health/Public Health Inspector: SDOH & intercultural

This page has resources for the COMM 3282 course. 

Social determinants of health (SDOH)

Source: Canada Beyond 150. (n.d.) The future of wellbeing. Retrieved                       from

Social determinants of health: geographic location, socioeconomic status, education and literacy, mental health, language, and culture. These determinants can create barriers to compliance and lead to health inequities. "The social determinants of health describe the phenomenon of how social constructs can also impact health in ways that may be unfair or unjust for certain groups within a population (Solar & Irwin, 2010)."

What is Health Equity? "Health equity exists when all people can reach their full health potential and are not disadvantaged from attaining it because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, social class, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation or other socially determined circumstance." [What is Health Equity?, BC Centre for Disesase Control]

Image source: Dahlgren & Whitehead, 1991. Policies and Strategies to Promote Social Equity in Health. Stockholm, Sweden: Institute for Futures Studies.

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Social determinants of health

Culture Clues™ are tip sheets on a few cultures

BMJ Global Health is an Open Access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality peer-reviewed content relevant to those involved in global health with access to information about health, health care and social determinants of health

Building Understanding of Environmental Health Toolkit Statistics, framing recommendations, graphics, and videos

GreenFacts Scientific reports on health, the environment and sustainable development

Addressing Health Inequities in Environmental Public Health in Alberta, 2019.

National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health. (2019). Access to health services as a social determinant of First Nations, Inuit and Métis health. Prince George, BC

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Rideout, K., ed. (2017). Handbook of equity in environmental public health practice, version 1.0. Vancouver, BC: BC Centre for Disease Control.

Rideout K. and Oickle D. (2016). Integrating equity into environmental health practice: Findings of a pilot study.

Social Determinants of Inuit Health in Canada (2016)

Social determinants of health and health inequalities in Canada (2020)

Social Determinants of Health Healthy People 2030 -- USA

What is Health Equity? University of Toronto Libraries (updated 2020)

Breault, P., Nault, J., Audette, M., Échaquan, S., & Ottawa, J. (2021). Reflections on Indigenous health care: Building trustCanadian Family Physician Medecin de Famille Canadien67(8), 567–568.

Geographical concentration of COVID-19 cases by social determinants of health in 16 large metropolitan areas in Canada – a cross-sectional studymedRxiv 2021.07.23.21261039;               doi:

  • inequity/equity
  • discrimination
  • disparity
  • inequality
  • prejudice
  • injustice
  • racism
  • minority rights
  • justice
  • income gap
  • fairness

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