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Occupational Health & Safety: Get started

5 KEY STEPS to get the most out of your search:

The advice and interventions of OH&S professionals must be based "on evidence from science, in balance with their expertise, and with workers’ and other stakeholders’ values and preferences. Evidence-based professional practice is one of the remedies against misinformation creating confusion and distrust in the society." van Dijk, F., & Caraballo-Arias, Y. (2021). Where to Find Evidence-Based Information on Occupational Safety and Health?. Annals of Global Health87(1), 6

Your Topic

  1. Identify the key concepts in your topic
  2. Think about what other words (similar words or alternative terms) might be used to describe the key concepts
  3. Connect your concepts using AND and OR
  4. You can change your search as you find more information

Ideas for health and safety topics: