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MLA 9th Edition Examples

Guide with examples for creating citations with the 9th edition of MLA

Articles & DOIs

Many scholarly journal articles found in databases like EBSCOhost include a DOI (digital object identifier). If a DOI is available, cite the DOI number instead of the URL and place in front of the doi number. If it’s from a database, include the name of the database in Italics.

Journal article

In-text citation (Potvin 46).
Works cited

Potvin, John. “Colour Wars: Personality, Textiles and the Art of the Interior in 1930s Britain”. Visual Culture in Britain, Mar.2015, Vol. 16, no.1, pp. 25-41. Ebscohost, 10.1080/14714787.2015.983727.

Note: If the journal has only issue numbers and no volume numbers, then cite the issue number alone (pg. 158/5.51).
In-text citation (Miller).
Works cited

Miller, Patricia. “Geothermal Technology for Sustainable Climate Control in an Historic House.” Studies in Conservation, vol. 65, Oct. 2020, pp. 237–43. EBSCOhost,

Note: Even though you can get to this article by selecting and searching the “GreenFILE” database, the actual container listed in the top left is EBSCOhost (pg. 138-139/5.35).

Shows EBSCOhost is the container, not GreenFILE 

Newspaper Article

In-text citation (Zacharias).
Works cited

Zacharias, Yvonne. "Robofuture." The Vancouver Sun, 6 Aug. 2004, p. F1. ProQuest, Accessed 15 July 2016.

Note: Online newspapers and magazines sometimes include a “permalink,” which is a shortened, stable version of a URL. Look for a “share” or “cite this” button to see if a source includes a permalink. If you find a permalink, use that instead of a URL (pg. 189/5.87).