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Health Sciences: Theories

Search the Library Catalogue for Books written by theorists or about theories

Enter the theorist's last name into the search box, followed by the first initial or first name if you know it.

Here are some theorists’ names:

Florence Nightingale    

Dorothea Orem

Barbara Paterson

Patricia Benner

Colleen Varcoe

Pamela R. Jeffries

Callista Roy

Imogene King

Rosemarie Parse

Betty Neuman

Hildegard Peplau


You can also use the subject terms: Nursing PhilosophyNursing Models, among others. 



Not in our collection?

Other Disciplines -- Selected Theorists

Qualitative Theorists

Dowling, M. (2007). From Husserl to van Manen. A review of different phenomenological approaches. International Journal Of Nursing Studies, 44(1), 131-142.



Social Sciences Theorists

The Books below, by Social Science Theorists, are available in the Library: