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APA 7 Reference Examples

No attribution required

If you include an image in your paper from a source that clearly states there is no attribution required then you do not need to include an in-text reference, reference list entry or copyright note. Include a Figure number (i.e. Figure 1) and a title above the image. A note below the image is optional.

Attribution Required - In text

If the source states that attribution is required, include a Figure # above the image, then include a copyright statement in a note below the image and a reference list entry.

Please see for detailed instructions on how to cite images within your paper or presentation.

Reference List Entry


Photographer, Initial(s). (year). name of photograph [Photograph]. Source. Source url


Bracco, E. (2006). nature [Photograph]. Flickr.


Attribution but no picture included

If you are not including the picture, but only referring to it, include an in-text citation, i.e. (Bracco, 2006) and a reference list entry (as above).