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APA 7 Reference Examples

Information about citing reviews

The reference format for a review should be the same as the format for the type of content apearing within the source (journal, newspaper, blog, etc.) with the additon of information about the item being reviewed in square brackets after the review title.

See APA Publication Manual, 7th Edition, section 10.7, pages  334 -335 for more information.

Book Review in a newspaper


Author, A.A. (Date). Title of review. [Reveiw of the book Book title, by A. A. Author]. Periodical, Newspaper or  Website information. DOI or URL



Newitz, A. (2021, November 26). After 200,000 years, we're still trying to figure out what humanity is all about. [Review of the book The Dawn of everything, by D. Graebner & D. Wengrow]. The Washington Post,

Movie Review in a Magazine


Reviewer, A. A. (Date). Title of review [Review of the film Film title, by D. D. Director, Dir.]. Periodical information, DOI or URL



Zacharek, S. (2022, April 7). Everything everywhere all at once may be too trippy for it's own good - but Michelle Yeoh still dazzles [Review of the film Everything everywhere all at once, by D. Kwan, Dir. & D. Scheinert, Dir.]. Time.