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APA 7 Reference Examples

Basic in-text citation

Basic In-text citation

Cite within the text of your paper at the point where the borrowed fact or idea appears.

For in-text citations in APA, provide at least the author’s name and the year of publication.  

There are two ways:

1. Parenthetical Citaton

After the sentence put the author's last name and date separated by a comma in parentheses.

This style is more popular so will use this style for later examples.

Template: Sentence (Author's last name, year).

Example: ... the mining industry (Jones, 2018).

2. Narrative Citation

Mention the author or author and date within the sentence.

This style is less popular.

Template   Author (year) sentence continuing


Gardner (2008) noted that

 According to Jones et al (2019) the mining industry...

 In the Handbook of Country Risk (2009) Canada's economy declined in late 2008 

Other basic in-text citations using the parenthetical style

One author

Template  (Author, year)

Example (Smith, 2021)

Two authors

Template (Author & Author, year)

Example (Jones & Smith, 2021)

Three or more authors

Template (Author et al., 2021)

Example (Smith et al., 2021)

Group author

Template (Organization, year)

Example: (Commodity Research Bureau, 2008)